Behind the Scenes

the birth of KATIE

The ‘REMEMBER’ music video features KATIE amidst a new universe. KATIE watches the new world laid before her, modest in comparison to her own self.

The army of men surrounding KATIE express her emotions and messages on her behalf. Among these men are popular Korean rappers, C Jaam, Ja Mezz, Bill Stax, Sik-K, Justhis, Los, and others, embracing the roots of the track and serving as a tribute to Korean hip-hop.

The director of the music video, Paranoid Paradigm, also pays tribute to Yeezy’s Season 3 Show.

Throughout the video, KATIE melts gold which is later used in the creation of a golden boat. The boat represents KATIE’s departure to this new universe.​

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Artist :
Title : Remember
Release Date : June 6, 2018
Label :
Format : Digital Download